Image of surfer Bobby Brown at Cronulla 1963

Bobby Brown, one of Australia’s leading surfers of the 1960’s was sadly struck down in his prime.

The much loved and highly respected surfing enigma competed in the first open mens finals at Manly Beach, Sydney in 1964, and was a perennial finalist in the 1966 Nationals at Coolangatta and the ’67 Nationals at Bells Beach

He was filmed in Bob Evans’ “Young Wave Hunters” in 1963 and Paul Witzig’s “Hot Generation” in 1967, also featuring Midget Farrelly, Nat Young, Peter Drouyn, Bob McTavish & Kevin Brennan.

On exhibition will be Bobby’s original surfboards, timeless photos, classic 16mm and 8mm movies, personal trophies and memorabilia tracking his short but highly successful surfing career.

Exhibition Tour Dates & Locations

Gold Coast Surf World | November 2010 – January 2011
Golden Breed Surf Store, Hastings Street, Noosa | March 12th – 20th 2011
Surf World Torquay during Bells Beach Easter 50th Anniversary | April 16th – 25th 2011
Jackson Surfboards, Caringbah, Cronulla | September 10th – 18th 2011
Bobby Brown Memorial Paddle Out, Sandon Point | September 24th 2011
Heritage Hotel, 240 Princes Hwy, Bulli | September 25th – 30th 2011

Don’t miss this significant show on the untold story of Robert Eric Brown (1946 – 1967)

The Young Wavehunters

During 1963-64 Bob Evans, then editor of Surfing World magazine took a bunch of Australia’s best surfers on a surf safari up the coast surfing from Crescent Heads to Angourie, Lennox Head, Kirra and Currumbin Alley.¬†Evans, who helped organize the first World Surfing titles at Manly in 1964, became a prolific movieman capturing all the early action. This is an excerpt from his movie “The Young Wavehunters” and features Nat Young, Kevin Platt and Bobby Brown at Angourie.

Bobby was only 16 and already had a super advanced style with big turns, cutties and tube rides. Evans’ movies helped turn Bobby, Nat and the new world champion Midget Farrelly, into surfing super heroes!