Bobby Brown Exhibition heads to Noosa Festival of Surfing

January 20, 2011

Image of Bobby Brown surfing Angourie Point, shot by Alby Falzon

The Bobby Brown exhibition currently on show at the Gold Coast Surf Museum, Currumbin until the 31st of January will hit the road to be part of the Noosa Festival of Surfing from 12th – 20th March 2011.

This unique exhibition features timeless photo’s, original surfboards, memorabilia and personal artifacts of Bobby Brown considered to be one of the all–time greats of Australian surfing who was tragically struck down in his prime.

Bobby Brown began surfing at Wanda Beach, Cronulla in 1957 and was ranked with the best surfers in the sixties like Midget Farrelly, Nat Young, Bob McTavish, Peter Drouyn and Kevin Brennan. Prominent Australian magazines of the era, Surfing World and Surfabout, comphrensively covered Bobby’s brief but brilliant surfing career. He was a reluctant star who loved just going surfing and appeared in Bob Evans’ classic East Coast 1963 surf safari movie, “The Young Wave Hunters” and Paul Witzig’s groundbreaking 1967 Aussie epic, “The Hot Generation.”  THG has been recently reproduced and dedicated to the memories of both Bobby and the late Kevin “The Head” Brennan who died of a drug overdose in 1975.  Both members of the great Windansea Club, share an iconic moment surfing together in uncrowded waves at Byron Bay!  Bobby unexpectedly died in 1967 when glassed over a game of pool, though Brown’s legend lives on while his legacy paved the way for many great surfers from the Cronulla Southside area and is held in the same high regard as Mark “Occy” Occhilupo.

Organiser of the Noosa Festival of Surfing, Phil Jarrat, met Bobby Brown when Phil was only 13 and Bobby then 18 taught Phil how to surf and is naturally stoked about the BB Exhibition coming to this years Noosa premier surfing event.

“The Noosa Festival of Surfing is delighted to be hosting the Bobby Brown Exhibition at this year’s event. We regard it as an honour to be able to pay tribute to one of Australia’s finest surfers, and the venue of the Golden Breed concept store is entirely appropriate, given that it is managed by Dane Wilson, whose dad, Dave, was one of Bobby’s closest mates in Cronulla. Hats off to Andy Mac for making this happen.”

Murray Walding, Operations Manager Golden Breed Surf Noosa, was equally excited. “When the opportunity arose for the Bobby Brown Exhibition to be on display at the Golden Breed store in Noosa, in conjunction with the Noosa Festival of Surfing, we jumped at the chance and why wouldn’t we! Golden Breed store’s retail manager- Dane Wilson, is also CEO of Gordon and Smith Australia, and Dane’s father Dave had worked with G&S since day one, glassing all of Bobby’s boards and knows the history of this famous company inside out. The whole idea seems like a perfect fit!” And in breaking news, Dane Wilson who is a former Australian Longboard champion has pointed out that several private collectors have dusted off a couple of Bobby Brown Models for inclusion in the exhibition, and that those boards will also be available for sale!”

“We can’t wait!” said Murray who will join family and friends of Bobby such as Bobby’s oldest brother John and Bobby’s fiancée Lorraine McIntyre and many great surfing celebrities including PT (1976 World Professional champion Peter Townend), who worked for G&S in his early days plus American co-founder of Gordon and Smith, Floyd Smith making the special trip down under to pay tribute and to catch up at the Opening Ceremony on Monday 14th March at the Golden Breed Store in Hasting St., Noosa from 6.30pm.

All for the Love of Bobby!

For further info, please get in touch via the contact form.

Photo Credit: Albe Falzon – Bobby Brown in the tube at Angourie, 1963 during Bob Evans movie, “The Young Wave Hunters”

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Ron Talbot March 5, 2011 at 2:21 pm

One special memory for me of Bobby Brown was at a surfing championship at one of the North Sydney beaches (sorry can’t remember which one and when – Snowy McKalister (spelling?) was there that day). I was there with a few surfing mates from Wollongong watching the finals and there were most of the top riders competing, including Midg and Bobby Brown. The competition was fierce even though the surf was huge and difficult to manage. I think that it was down to Midge and Bobby to see who win when Bobby caught this huge wave, came screaming down the face and when almost at the bottom did a 360 spin on his board with the wave towering over him. We were all blown away by this cheeky manoeuvre that had no real function other than to let the judges know that he was very good! I’m not sure who won but that manoeuvre remains imprinted in my memory.

I saw Bobby Brown as a radical surfer at the time. He was attempting manoeuvres ahead of his time – he needed the shorter, lighter boards that were to come later. I have no doubt that had he have lived he would have become world champion

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