Exhibition Opening Night @ Surf World Gold Coast

November 13, 2010

Image of memorabilia from the Bobby Brown Surfing Legend Exhibition

Our opening night party at Gold Coast Surf World was a huge success and well attended by happy crowd of at least 200 soaking up some of the history of Australian surfing.

Bushy Mitchell

MC for the night Bushy Mitchell did a fantastic job and asked everyone to pause for a minute silence in respect of Remembrance Day being the 11th of November. Former World Professional Champion and ASP International President Wayne “Rabbit” Bartholomew also gave a special acknowledgement to 3 times Hawaiian World champion the late Andy Irons.

Bobby Browns’ older brother John spoke about how special Bobby was and that the key to his success was the freedom he received from his surfing. Cronulla surfing pioneer and artist Gary Birdsall flew up especially from Wollongong with a brand new painting of his close mate and said Bobby could have been a World Champion.

Andrew McKinnon explained how when he grew up on the Gold Coast as a gremmie he was totally inspired by Bobby Brown and dreamt about being as good a surfer. He went on to win the last Bobby Brown memorial event crediting well known Gold Coast surfer/shaper Tony Dempsey, who drove Andrew down to Wanda in his mother’s car from the Gold Coast 40 years ago in 1970!

Bobby's boards

Amongst the well known surf legends attending were Cheyne Horan, Richard Harvey, Ross Marshall, John Batcheldore, Bobby Brown event judge Terry Baker and surf historian Dave “Mexican” Sumpter and a host of Cronulla legends like Legs and Alan Doorman. The late Frank Latta who passed away in August was also acknowledged. Frank grew up surfing with Bobby and were incredibly close. Frank’s oldest daughter Lisa also made a special appearance.

Alan Fenn Lavington and Marshall Fenwick provided the perfect background music,  and the public were treated to some classic surf movie action of Bobby Brown and friends surfing thanks to Bob Evans’ Young Wave Hunters, and Paul Witzig’s Hot Generation.


Michael Whish-Wilson April 12, 2011 at 3:06 pm

Hi I have a 9 foot 6 inch Gordon & Smith board which was shaped by Bobby Brown.
It is currently in transit to Melbourne where my nephew will pick it up & take it to Torquay to be set up on display on loan for the exhibition.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Regards, Michael Whish-Wilson, Smithton, Tasmania.
ph 0418 595 314

DOM MIRENZI August 28, 2011 at 12:00 am

hi my name is dom and i am an avid collector of all things g&s and was wondering about your bobby brown board if it was with a stringer or stringerless would love to see some photos as also have a have 10? long bobby brown shaped g&s with a stringer.
great to hear another person has a bobby brown board
regards dom

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