Surfing Heroes Celebrated in ‘The Hot Generation’

November 10, 2010

Featuring clips from Paul Witzig’s “The Hot Generation”, here’s our slot that aired on NBN TV on November 10.

Image: Screen grab of Bobby Brown surfing in 'The Hot Generation' movie

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The Hot Generation movie by Paul Witzig

Paul Witzig’s first movie released after Bobby’s death in the summer of 1967 appropriately titled “The Hot Generation”, it was a runaway success demonstrating the new style of Aussie power surfing.

The A–list cast included Midget Farrelly, Nat Young, Peter Drouyn, Bob McTavish, Ted Spencer and of course a unique segment of Bobby Brown and Kevin Brennan surfing at the Pass, Main Beach and Tallows at Byron Bay.

Currently Paul Witzig is restoring THG and will dedicate its latest release to the memories of Bobby Brown and Kevin Brennan who passed away in 1975. Many thanks to Paul for helping me with the Bobby Brown exhibition and allowing me to show this iconic clip of Bobby and The Head!!

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